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How many Roads must a Dog walk down

I was born a ball of fluff with shiny eyes, gazing up at my mother who looked down at me and licked my face with a massive wet sandpaper tongue.  I was nose nudged to my brothers and sisters and thus my life began fighting for a teat amongst a sea of swinging tails. 

I learnt many lessons during the days of teat battles, its not all wet noses and gummy puppy bites. Have you ever seen a bunch of tussling puppies as they near attack the tired looking mother pooch, mystified at the frantic movements of the fluffly  army assaulting her. The only situation that ceased the teat tussle was a human visiter, and so the cute crazy circus ensued.

Brother after sister after brother were clutched out of the jumping barking mayhem by squeaky young girls, head tilting ladies and ear tugging boys. Until all that was left was me looking up at my mother once more, wondering why I sat here missing my brothers and sisters, but at least I wasn’t going hungry now.

Then she entered, the world eased into slow-motion, my eyes followed her as my puppy paws clutched at the cage. Stopping at the gerbil hutch my heart stuttered, as she poked the glass tank housing the snake I let out  a yelp. ‘arrr look at da liddle puppy’ there are no words that can explain the feeling of your owner picking you up as if clutched from the dark.

Colors, trees, cars, houses, smells, oh the smells, letter boxes, postman and millions, billions and trillions of people. The chitty chitty bang bang trip to my new home almost made my eyes shoot from my face, as my Lilly fussed my ears continuously. These where the happy times, my first of many roads a dog must walk down.


Picture curtsey of tobias.com 


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